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Volunteers Needed


Slackwood Volunteer Fire Company is always looking for volunteers. It is our belief that there is a place in the volunteer fire organization for everyone. We have several membership designations that allow all members of the community the opportunity to volunteer and bring value and appreciation of the Slackwood Fire Company.


Please take time to review the different opportunities available at Slackwood Fire Company below. If you have any questions please contact either the President, Vice President, or Membership Committee Leader via the contact tab at the top of the screen. All member positions have larger description and details associated with their positions, these are detailed in the Company By-Laws and can be shared and discussed upon inquires of membership.



Active Member


Is 18 years of age who will support firefighting activities. Membership requires Fire I training, that can be achieved during a probationary period as an active member.  Accepted members training is offered or paid for by the Slackwood Fire Company.


Associate Member


Is 18 years of age who can not or does not desire to participate in firefighting activities. These members support the fire company in other activities critical to Slackwood Fire Company.  These activities may include but are not limited to supporting Officer positions, funding raising, finance, trustees, membership committee, and duties required to run and operate the fire house excluding firefighting activities.


Junior Member


Is between 16-18 years of age with desire to become an Active Member. These members participate in training and drills and are allowed to respond to fire calls in a support function only within the safe zone.



Auxiliary Member


Are members of the Slackwood Auxiliary, these members do not attend regular Fire Department meetings, drills, or training. The Auxiliary membership conduct their own meetings and activities in support of the Slackwood Fire Company.  Including but not limited to fire ground ancillary support, fund raisers, dinners, and social activities.

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